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How to make your own chocolate?

And why would you make your own chocolate anyway?

1. For fun and creativity

2. To have no added nonsense chemicals in your food

3. To eliminate added sugar from your diet


1. 70 g cacao paste

2. 10 g cacao butter

3. 20 g erythritol

4. 2 drops orange flavour

1. Melt the cacao butter until there are still few lumps

2. Add the cacao paste and let it melt with the cacao butter, until it smooth

(Important: you got to melt the cacao butter first and then add the cacao paste, otherwise the cacao paste will burn - especially in the microwave)

3. Optional: add a natural flavour I used Orange but vanilla or rum is very tasty too

4. Add a healthy sweetener. I use erythritol as it is 0 kcal natural sweetener

5. Add anything else: coconut, nuts, raisins etc

6. Put it in a mould and keep it in the fridge for half an hour at least

Enjoy :)

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