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6 Tips to Help You Stay Fit on a Schedule at Little Cost

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can be difficult when you're constantly on the move, especially when you're working within a budget as well. Thankfully, there are several ways you can get creative and work your wellness needs into your schedule. Consider these six easy wants to stay fit on a budget, courtesy of MBSFlow


1. Grow Your Own Vegetables


If you have even the smallest outdoor space available, a small garden can be a life-changer. Start with something simple, such as herbs or sprouts. Even those can add much-needed nutrients to your diet. If you already have experience, you know gardening can be a great hobby that provides vitamin D from time in the sun and exercise with a diet-friendly outcome. Grow a few veggies you love and try something new as well. It's an effective way to better your diet and save money on grocery days.


2. Create a Stress-Free Environment at Home


Mental health should be as much a priority as physical health. If you're a busy person, your home should be a place where you can relax in a stress-free environment. Start by decluttering. Research shows that clutter can negatively impact everything in your life from productivity to relationships. When you have more space, you can use it for things that promote your new healthy lifestyle as well. For example, your clear countertop is now the perfect place to do triceps dips and meal prep for the week.


3. Find Ways to Get Exercise During the Workday


Exercise doesn't have to be the same routine every day. You can switch it up and work in a small workout almost anywhere. If your office is on a higher floor, take the stairs rather than the elevator. If you live near a park, go for a jog on the weekends. If you get a long lunch break, take a walk around the block and have your lunch somewhere outdoors. 


4. Workout at Home


To save money, fit in some workouts at home. You can find bodyweight exercise videos online. There are thousands available for free on YouTube. If you have any physical limitations, don't worry. There's something for everyone. Try something low impact and relaxing, such as yoga. When you get bored with one routine, try something new. 


Something else to remember: if your workout routine requires you to make some home modifications, like finishing a basement to renovating a guest room, this could have the added benefit of boosting your home’s appraisal value! Just make sure you keep those receipts and take some before and after photos.

MBSFlow also offers online personal training sessions and we will be soon offering recorded and live sessions.


5. Track Your Routine on an App


If you have a smartphone, you can keep track of your diet and exercise plan anywhere. There are apps to help you plan meals and identify nutrient-dense foods specific to your chosen diet. Do you like having your workouts in small spurts throughout the day? You can download apps with 6-minute workouts to target specific muscles. Most health applications are free, but you can add on services.


6. Use Hotel Fitness Centers


Are you constantly travelling for your career and struggling to stick to a healthy routine? You can work your travels around your health rather than the other way around. Book hotels with a fitness centre when you're far from your gym and take advantage of an indoor pool when you can.


Remember to give yourself a break when trying to fit everything into your schedule starts to stress you out. Try new things, and if they don't work for you, move on to the next idea. Wellness is about enjoying your life, and trying to squeeze in too much to your schedule takes away from the joy.


MBSFlow offers a variety of services, including personal training, sports massage, and diet coaching - face-to-face and online. Questions? Please email


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