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It might surprise you to know that due to my scoliosis I didn’t join in with PE at until Secondary School. And then I really didn`t  enjoy it.

I remember what it was like to feel, body-conscious, shy and hopeless around physical exercise - and with an endless feedback of  “no good at all” or “really could be better”. Needless to say I hated exercise.


However, when I studied Psychology I went to the Uni gym and noticed that it changed not only my shape but my sense of wellbeing.  I‘d accidentally discovered the joy of exercise for both physical and mental health and that’s exactly what I recreate for my clients. I have added Sports massage therapy to my services so at MBSFlow you get everything to get fit and healthy. :)

Based in Portsmouth (and also offering some online training)  I do this by offering tailored, enjoyable and practical techniques which  build “Flow”. This is an optimal state when  your  mind, body and spirit are cooperating so that your health is optimised and your performance is maximised.


You might be surprised at what you can achieve. Why not get in touch? Consultation is now FREE.

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