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What are happy hormones and how to stimulate them?

Updated: May 9, 2021

A huge thanks for Montgomery Jameson for writing the book “Brain Power, The Best Ways to Improve the Flow of Neurotransmitters”.

The author provides “35 tips how to stimulate the substances and hormones in your brain that create happiness and trigger an overall better well-being in your brain.”.

The book is around £3 on Audible (43 minutes) and Google Play Books (43 pages), worth every pennies and minutes invested.

After reading or listening to the book feel free to use the summary of the book below and use the check list to take action daily.

Oxytocin the “love-hormone”

It positively affects both men and women psychologically and physically.

Stimulates attachment, creates feelings of calm, closeness, and trust.

Promotes sleep.

Enhances sexual feelings.

Reduces addictive cravings.

Triggers protective instincts against outsiders who threaten the group of loved ones.

Improves social skills.

Release oxytocin more often:

Tip 1: Cuddle and Make Love to Your Spouse

Tip 2: Make Eye Contact

Tip 3: Compliment and Express Loving Words

Tip 4: Give

Tip 5: Laugh More Often

Tip 6: Listen to Soothing Music

Tip 7: Pet a Pet

Tip 8: Sit in a Hot Tub

Tip 9: Take a Walk

Dopamine the chemical messenger and attention booster

It is responsible for passing information from one neuron to the next.

It creates euphoria, motivation, and concentration.

Triggers pleasure centre of the brain.

Helps to reduce urges and chance of addiction

Influence emotional response to situations.

Reduces risks of depression, Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s

Natural ways to regulate dopamine:

Tip 10: Eat Meat and/or Fish

Tip 11: Thrill-Seeking, Getting out of your comfort zone (eg exercise challenge)

Tip 12: Stay Away From Illegal Drugs

Tip 13: Stop Drinking Caffeine

Tip 14: Lower Your Stress Level

Tip 15: Take Multi - Vitamins

Tip 16: Eat Bananas and other food high in tyrosine (almond, apple, eggs, beans, yoghurt, cherries)

Tip 17: Set a Routine Schedule. Sleep 7-8 hours

Tip 18: Decrease Sugar Intake

Endorphins are the euphoria that disguise physical pain or discomfort. They block out pain and give us a pleasurable feeling.

Responsible for reducing anxiety, depression, aggression.

Modulates our appetite.

Strengthens immune system.

Releases sex hormones.

Stabilise emotional well-being.

Create endorphins:

Tip 19: Work Out Together

Tip 20: Eat Spicy Food

Tip 21: Make Love to Your Spouse

Tip 22: Meditate

Tip 23: Acupuncture

Tip 24: Eat Chocolate... a Little

Tip 25: Sniff Vanilla or Lavender

Tip 26: Use Ginseng

Tip 27: Laughter

Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. This hormone impacts your entire body. It enables brain cells and other nervous system cells to communicate with each other.

Tip 28: Get Enough Light

Tip 29: Get a Massage

Tip 30: Eat Healthy Fats (oily fish, seeds and nuts, flax oil etc)

Tip 31: Relive Happy Memories

Tip 32: Plan Your Life

Tip 33: Put Inositol in Your Smoothies

Tip 34: Take Vitamin B

Tip 35: Pretend That It Is Summer

How did you find this? I think most steps are easy to act on and only takes a little effort to create a habit of doing them regularly, for a much happier life. If you are a visual person like I am, the chart below will help you to take actions daily. Tick the boxes to feel a sense of achievement and write notes to create memories and notice a pattern in your behaviour. Which steps are you more motivated to do? What hormones are you trying to stimulate more?

Have fun with it 😊

Daily actions - Happy Hormones
Download DOCX • 122KB

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