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Our approach

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

MBSFlow supports individuals and groups to optimise their health and maximise their performance by effectively unfolding their potential.

Flow is an optimal state when the mind, body and the spirit are cooperating, therefore the individual`s needs are met at a level that ensures satisfying balance in the person`s life.

Clients often find when working on the most relevant or important area of their life, either personal or professional, this then has a positive impact on the other areas.

We focus on many elements that play an important role in the individual`s life experiences and the interpretations of those, including but not limited to physical health and fitness (exercise, nutrition, recovery, relaxation, injury prevention), mental health, social factors.

We aim to make a meaningful impact on your life, incorporating exercise, balanced diet, massage therapy and small lifestyle changes.

We take a holistic approach to well-being and performance. Happiness is an ever-changing journey, not an ultimate destination. We promise fast-track progression, in small achievable steps. We are specialised in you and our focus always lies on your unique needs. We are open and flexible, this way we encourage you to freely communicate about your ambitious goals. Our vision is that there is no dream ever too big and no dreamer is ever too small.

Our aim is to help you achieve the preferred outcome while enjoying every steps of your progression. With our simple, easy to apply practical techniques you will boost your confidence and self-efficacy. You will learn to understand and respond efficiently to your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations of your body. Combining a wide range of experiences and skills, we can provide you with the most comprehensive package.

Well-being coaching at MBSFlow is based on Mindfulness and Self- Compassion. You can make the most of your present if you own these life changing skills. Enhancing the experiences in the present leads you to a create a brighter future.

Mindfulness is the mental state when the mind is fully focused on the present moment without judgement, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

There are many proven techniques that help to practice mindfulness, particularly meditation, or exercise such as resistance training, cardio, yoga or martial arts.

Mindfulness is a quality that every human being already possesses, you don`t create it, you allow it to happen.

Compassion is the ability to show empathy, love, and care to people and self- compassion is the ability to turn this inward. It is a kind, mindful self-acceptance, even in the event of failure. Recognition and acceptance of one's flaws often leads to growth and personal development. When you feel loved, respected by yourself, the world will have the same impression of you. (and who cares if they don’t if you are comfortable with yourself? 😉)

Discover who you are and own this world by trusting and embracing your real identity. Our goal is to help you start appreciating that you are a unique individual as no one in this world has the same characteristics. How fantastic! Ones you can understand your feelings and know how to optimise your thoughts, you can count on you, no matter what life brings in your way. Take your power back by learning to control yourself and not the environment. You can`t change the world but we help you to change your words. Words have incredible power.

We are intending to work with and teach you mindfulness and self – compassion practices for you to gain your power back, so you can feel incredibly successful and happy.

Few areas of wellbeing and how `Mind Body Spirit Flow` can help.


  • optimal performance, focus, memory, time management, learning strategies

  • cognitive behavioural training: swap unhelpful words to helpful words; identify and correct thinking errors, distortions

  • self- compassion training

  • understanding emotions, learn how to cope with negative emotions and start experiencing more positive emotions

  • guided meditation

  • creating positive lifestyle habits: positive affirmations, practical advice

  • self – reflection techniques


  • physical health

    • Weight management

    • Sports massage, Aromatherapy

    • Exercise referral

    • Recovery

  • fitness and sports performance

    • enjoyable and motivating workout plans completely tailored for your physical and emotional needs

    • nutrition: healthy relationship with food. Empowering nutritional advice: eating mindful, as you are not what you eat but you are much more. Learning about you and your body to create a healthy relationship with food rather than reaching out for crash diets.

  • positive body image


  • healthy relationship with you

  • loving connection with others

  • connections to the universe: how to make mindful everyday choices to protect the environment


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