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Love your body

I can` t believe I have managed to completely recover from bodydismorphia. So much changed in a year. Meditation, positive affirmations, compassion focused training, changing my language when talking about myself.

Some of the elements that helped me to recover from bodydismoprhia

- Portsmouth offers free talking therapy and you can self-refer

- Marisa Peer - in my eye the best hypnotherapist and psychologist that offers thousands of free guided meditations and trainings

- Headspace App - even the free version is an amazing tool to start meditating if you have never done it before. Watch the video and download the app

- Abraham Hicks rampage and aaaall their books (available on Audiobook if you fancy listening to them during a walk or housework)

These are only some of the steps You can take to overcome self- critics. Drop me an email. Let`s see how can I help you to start loving yourself (okay okay first just stop criticizing then start accepting yourself).

Anxious thoughts of my body. Exactly a year ago (06/10/2019).

Yes, I am a pt.

No, I am not self centred.

Yes, I can be too body-conscious as well.

No, your size and fitness level doesn't matter to start helping you.

Yes, I preach about self love and trying to practice it most of the time.

No, I am not always confident.

Yes, I often doubt myself too.

No, I won't judge you.

Yes, I think we should always talk positive to ourselves.

No, I don't think I am better than you are.

Yes, I can help you to accept yourself.

No, I am not perfect, I am just a person like you are.

Yes, we can be a team, you and me as your pt.

No, don't wait for tomorrow, start changing today.

When you put on literally a stone and trying to take a selfie from a position that it's not obvious and look happy.

Body confidence... trying to practice what I preach but sometimes I lose it too.

Size shouldn't matter but it's still affecting my self esteem...ssssugar 😐

Voices, shut up! "Not toned enough, too big arms, too toned back, tree trunk legs, small don't even look like a pt! Not feminine, too big, too short...just not good enough". Mad spiral 🤯 why do we do this to ourself?

I just wanna feel normal. It is so hard to feel not just healthy and fit but be content with my life and compassionate to myself. I guess work in progress :) Fake it until you make it. Happiness can be real.

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