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Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Full Body Kettlebell Workout 

Side lunges

Start in a wide stance, toes looking forward. Squat down hinging your hip and keeping your knees above your hill. Return to the middle and repeat to the other side. 

Plank row

Start in plank position. Rotate into a side plank and pull the bell up, elbows lead. Keep your core tight. Return slowly and controlled.

Bottom up push up

Make sure you use a mat or a non- slippery surface. Balance the bell upside down. Start in a push up position and hold the position until you maintain your balance. Lower your body slowly, controlled. Pause at the bottom and return. Be careful,  it's difficult. Do it on your knees if needed.

Balanced Triceps push up

Assume a push up position and hold the body of the kettlebell. Lower your body as one unit as low as you can. Keep your elbows close to your body and push them back to engage your triceps more.

Bottom up press 

The one that looks easy yet more difficult than you think.

In a standing position hold the kettlebell by its horn. Slowly press the bell up until your arm is straight. Return slowly.


Knees slightly bent. Bend your hips  to lower the bell and explosively straighten your hips to pull the bell up. Squeeze your butt. Dip your elbow under the bell to catch the bell by your front shoulder.  Elbow tucked at your side, wrist in a neutral position. Be careful,  move the kettlebell fast but in controlled way so you won't hit your wrist. 

Cross body snatch

From the clean position finish with your arm extensed and return. For more range bend you knees and return the kettlebell to the floor.

Over the shoulder 

Stand holding  a bell up by your front shoulder.  Move the bell over your right shoulder  and return. Repeat it to the other side.

Unsure about your technique?

Send me a video of yourself and I give you a free feedback.

Your safety comes first. :)

Have fun!

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