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Rachel`s feelings


"you don`t judge you just encourage me"

I decided to work out because I had been in an accident where I dislocated both of my shoulders and was out of action for quite a while I was putting on weight my mental health wasn’t good either and I thought I would try the gym to hopefully make me feel a lot better I came along to see you Andrea for a health check and we were talking about the machines in the gym and I didn’t know what I was doing and how to operate them all and we spoke about personal training which I thought was a good idea  to help me strengthen up my body and also to learn how to work the machines I felt comfortable talking to you Andrea so that’s why I wanted to come to you. You don’t judge you just encourage me which I am grateful for I’ve a lot to thank you for xx

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“My initial goal was to change my body after putting on weight due to an ankle injury. With Andrea

I have changed my whole mindset and lifestyle. I feel happier, healthier and a lot fitter.” 

75_AMBS Flow_logo_PNG file.png

—  Kay Floyd, Business Owner

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