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On this page you will find recommended products that I have tried and love.

I will earn a little from any sale made via my website so thank you for clicking here. :)


Eatlean! Love at first sight and I don`t mean to be cheese here :D


Low- fat, high protein, max taste, especially the smoked cheese melted on their

Lo - dough wrap. Yumm!

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My favourite producte from Bulkpowder is the Complete Intra Workout™ drink

as it  provides my body with a constant supply of amino acids to when I have

a particularly intense training session.

I like the brand as all of the ingredient quantities are listed.

Many products hide behind proprietary blends, whereas BULK POWDERS™

 clearly details every ingredient incorporated within the formula.

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Hello Fresh

After a long day the  pressure of the

"what to cook? what do I need from the shop? "questions just don`t feel fair.

I like to use HelloFresh once a week to treat myself with the comfort of getting

all the fresh ingredients and easy recipes of a new dish every time.

 Sense of achievement in the kitchen.

Use my referral link to get £20 of your first order.


I use this product  couple of times a month

as I am not too creative with my cooking.

With Simplycook I can cook restaurant quality meals

in less than 30 minutes.

Use my referral link to get your free box.


I have recently started training with an awesome brand called TRIBE.

They send you a regular delivery of six performance nutrition products,

tailored to your workouts.


Try your first TRIBE pack with £5 off.

You only need to mention my name before check out.

Train strong :)


"Look your best. Feel your best. Perform your best. It’s that simple."

- these guys definitely caught my attention with this slogan.


I like the fact that their shake is designed to meet nutrition requirements specific to me.

Using my DNA, they identified which nutrients I need to be at my best. 


Click on my referral link to order your kit today.


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