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Personal training
LiFESTYLE and Diet coaching

“This run is draaaaagging”

“It’s boring”

“I hate this exercise”

“I don’t get it, it isn’t for me.”


These are sentences I never hear from my clients.

I‘ll never make you do things that you feel uncomfortable - my whole approach is to tailor your exercise plan according to your preferences so that you get the best outcome with the least pressure.


All I ask is that you are focused and engaged with the training.

Clients often find that working on their physical and mental fitness often has a positive impact on other areas of their life.  For this reason I use a number of techniques to help you develop positive lifestyle habits.


I offer times to suit you, early morning, early evening or during the day.  I even offer personalised HIIT training online.


Ask me about specifically designed exercise plans if you are struggling with weight  and fitness because you are post-natal or in menopause.

Combine the benefits of Sports massage and Personal training. Create a better posture and improve your sports performance by becoming strong and flexible.

If you book both services, you even save some money for yourself.