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Group Classes

If you’re looking for a total body workout that will help you to improve your fitness, get you in shape and release happy hormones,  the classes delivered by MBSFlow are totally designed for you. The bodyweight  exercises will boost your strength and endurance.  All abilities welcome at the mixed impact classes that will get your heart rate up and help to improve your fitness no matter where you are at now.

Group Workout

MBSFlow is passionate about helping the community to get fit and healthy, especially during these uncertain times.  

Sign up for the FREE (optional donation to Portsmouth Cats Lost, Found and  Rehomed charity) group classes. 

Group Classes are held outdoors  or in Havelock Community Centre (Southsea) when weather conditions don`t allow us to do safe outdoor exercise.

Book your first session by signing up to the website here.

 Read all the terms and conditions and complete the medical form and PAR-Q. Once it`s done, you can book any services that MBSFlow provides.



“My initial goal was to change my body after putting on weight due to an ankle injury. With Andrea

I have changed my whole mindset and lifestyle. I feel happier, healthier and a lot fitter.” 

75_AMBS Flow_logo_PNG file.png

—  Kay Floyd, Business Owner

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